A reader very kindly let Dr No know that the email subscription form (“Subscribe to Dr No” form on the right) was broken. There have also been some odd random ‘unsubscribe’ events for subscribers where Dr No knows the subscriber didn’t unsubscribe (because the subscriber was a test email address used by Dr No!). Dr No has therefore migrated all subscribers across to a new system which appears to be working (though you never can tell 100% with these things).

Existing subscribers should not need to do anything. They should already on the new subscription list (and should get an email notification of this post, which will confirm they are on the list, and it is working as it should).

If you thought you were subscribed, but don’t get any email notifications, please let Dr No know via the contact form, and he will do his best to sort things out.

New subscribers should now be able to use the form on the right to subscribe. It has a double opt-in to prevent bots subscribing (you get sent an email, and click on a link in the email to confirm your subscription). Once you have done that, you should get sent a notification email every time Dr No posts a new post.

Dr No apologises for all this fuss, especially to those who have tried to subscribe, only to be frustrated.


  1. formertory (and now even more so) Reply

    Sorry to say, Dr No, that the form is appears broken again; I get a 404 at the target page….

  2. dr-no Reply

    formertory – so very sorry. It’s working when I test it as a not logged in user in another browser with another email address, and others have managed to subscribe using the new system, though that’s no help to you. What should happen when you click the subscribe button is the test in the box will change, so there isn’t actually a target page as such. After clicking it should look like this:

    The fact you are getting a 404, which was the problem with the old plugin, makes me wonder (hope I am not teaching grandmothers to suck eggs) whether you are seeing a cached version of the old form. Unlikely, but possible. Maybe try a complete page refresh. The old form had a wording to the effect your name could be imaginary in the paragraph above the form fields, the current one says it can be fictional in the label on the field.

    Once again, sorry for all this fuss. If you send me a message using the Contact Dr No button (bottom of right hand column) I can add your email address manually (and anyone else who is experiencing the same trouble).

  3. formertory (and now even more so) Reply

    He shoots, he scores…………. yes, must have been the cache. Switched to a backup browser and it worked fine. Thank you!

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