Zero Progress to Net Zero

COP26 — what a load of old baloney and hot air! The world’s largest collective public relations jamboree, where world leaders arrived at a climate conference in private jets. Our glorious leader, the prime minister, rose to the occasion, as a Yorkshire pudding rises in the oven. Other leaders followed suit, each one rising to the occasion, until there was enough hot air to launch an airship. Which brings us conveniently to the first climate change fallacy: that hydrogen will solve our green house gas woes. Domestic gas boilers, we are told, are already hydrogen ready, or will only need minor tweaks to burn hydrogen. Perhaps those promoting hydrogen as the solution might care to reflect on what happened to a hydrogen ready airship in the 1930s, the Hindenburg. It didn’t end well. But even if modern technology can prevent your neighbour’s new loft conversion — hydrogen, like hot air, rises — from doing a Hindenburg, and we punters can be persuaded to use rocket fuel to heat our homes, the fact remains we are a long way from being able to use hydrogen to heat our homes.

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