There is a rather good video satire of Ivor Cummins on Caption Generator. In the interests of balanced coverage, Dr No offers this alternative version, of Hancock’s desperate last days in his bunker as the pandemic fizzles out and the government starts to lose control over the people. WordPress does not appear to allow embedding of video from Caption Generator, so here is a link to a tweet that has a link. Or you can use this direct link.


  1. Shawn Gibson Reply

    Very accurate and amusing! I for one will take no pleasure in witnessing the inevitable unfold over the coming weeks. Honest

  2. Annie Davenport Turner Reply

    I see the captions have been censored already and vanished…. Says a lot; censor the truth, and everything’s being censored, so the truth is escaping, try as they may to suppress it, and they’re panicking.
    Pity; damned good video!

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